Cake by the Ocean Mobile

Cake by The Ocean mobile,which consist of all iconic characters of festival team , will not only be a perfect sleeping toy for your little ones, but also a decorative component for their rooms.


The every detail of this product, which you can place either on top of their bad or above their changing tables and even on their playground area, prepared all hand-made with love to company them on their dream world.
İt is knitted with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standart) certificated %100 organic cotton yarn. İt is anti-allergic and avoid irritation.
Made in Turkey.
Using Tips
  • Make sure the height of your baby mobile is out of reach to your child.
  • You can use your baby mobile not only on the cradle but also on diaper changing mat and mother lap. We suggest to make configuration in order to match your preferences.
  • Using a strong hook attached to ceiling and with the extra rope that we sent to you, you can arrange as you wish. Just make sure to use a strong hook!